GB7NR Nottingham North

MMDVM Multi-mode DMR D-Star Repeater.

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Your local DMR D-Star repeater

GB7NR is located in the north east of Nottingham & provides full coverage for the city.

How to connect.

Output: 439.43750mhz. Input: 430.43750mhz. DMR colour code: 1. D-Star: GB7NR B. GB7NR G. Please be sure you have the correct spacing for "B" & "G". The suffixes should be on the 8th character. Please listen to the repeater before you transmit to make sure you are working on the correct mode before you conncet. If the repeater is transmitting DMR traffic you wont be able to work D-Star until the repeater has stopped transmitting and become idle for 30sec. The same applies for DMR. It will listen all modes and you can activate your given mode by PTT.

Using DMR BrandMeister

D-Star. Made simple.

The repeater is also connected to the D-Star network. DCS, XRF, XLX & REF networks are available on this machine thanks to the state of the art Multi-mode digital voice Modem. By default the repeater is connected to REF005 B. You can use any reflector on any network.

Digital comunications made easy!

Our aim for GB7NR is to to provide complete coverage of DMR D-Star multimode digital comunications around the City and up through the North & South east of Nottingham, essentially completing the coverage of the East Midlands Cluster, providing complete coverage of Brandmeister & D-Star. This is the first repeater to also provide D-Star coverage for the City of Nottingham in all major areas.

Easy To Connect

To connect to GB7NR we will provide an easy step by step diagram of how to connect your amateur radio equipment to our network including a free codeplug if needed.

Repeater status

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The repeater is now on site and operational. Testing welcome. Reports welcome.